When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so they become two new people.

In this self portrait series, each photograph has as a subject my own body that fits with another body. The relationship between me and the other creates new figures, no more distinguishable as individuals. The bodies become agglomerations of arms, legs, skin, where differences disappear so they become one.
It’s a research about the concept of single, collective, and gender identity. Identity isn’t something static and defined, but is constantly changing, and every person with which we relate contributes to its transformation.

My work comes from a personal need, I need to overcome the difficulty to relate with others and a deep distrust in myself.
Nudity is an act of total honestly, it contributes to make more solid the ties with people I choose for the project, it establishes a state of total trust and mutual respect. Nudity is also an attempt to regain self-confidence, to accept myself as individual.
I think my generation, more than any other, lives in a state of total uncertainty, from the economic to the personal ones. For this reason I carry on my research with the clear intention to find a lost confidence.

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